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***My Nubian bucks***

*My Nubian bucks*

Name: Raftercross Winter Willy
Dam:Honey-Dew-Farms Black Cherry
Dams Dam: Little-O-Acres Tutti-Frutti
Dams Sire: Little-O-Acres Take A Chance (AI)

Sire:Goddard Farm Chief Milk Man
Sires Sire: GCH+*B Copper-Hill Milk Man 5-00 91 VEE
Sires Dam: Goddard Farm Gracie Valentine 9*M 5-02 86 VVE+

Discription:Brown with black points, silver ears and muzzle.

This is a very nice buck and we are very excited. We hope to use him for breeding this fall.:-)

Winter Willys Dam

Winter Willys Sire