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~My Nubian and Grade does~


I raise purebred and grade Nubian dairy goats. Right now I have four does. Iam in the process of getting a buck.

Here are my does:

K-Judel #1 Maggie:

Sire: Nickel's #1 Gun

Sire's Sire: Acorn Acres Rocky Raccoon +B

Sire's Dam: Regehrs #1 Goldie

Dam: K-Judal S.P. Sweet Joyce

Dam's Sire: Nickle's Sugar Pops +B

Dam's Dam: Judel II Skippers Brooke

Description: Brown with silver ears

Maggie is the only purebred goats I have at this time.

Description: Maggie looks just like the goat on my Homepage



Sire: Unknown

Dam: Unknown

Betsy is of unknown anscestry but she is a very sweet doe.
She has a nice udder and good conformation.

She should have kids for sale in June

Desctirtion: Light brown



Sire: Unknown

Dam: Unknown

Halelluia is very tall. She is a good mommy too.

Description: Brown with white spots. Black marking on the face and legs.



Sire: Unknown

Dam: Halleluia

Description: White with brown spots and black markings on legs.

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